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Viope is Haaga-Helia’s official accredited co-operation partner e.g. in executing pathway studies. We take care of managing the courses and programs and supporting both students and teachers.

Finnish Education Scholarship at Van Lang University

Viope is the core technology partner, part of developer team and operator in the international pathway study program in Vietnam. The other consortium members in this initiative are FCG, Metropolia, Haaga-Helia, KAMK and JAMK.


Game it now! is an innovational new project to develop and offer game development study program to secondary education. Viope is in charge of developing the game development study materials and related competition framework and supporting teachers. This initiative is executed together with Finland’s leading educational innovation network Innokas and its schools, teachers and students.

Valmennuskeskus public

Viope is the core partner in building various career and work related blended learning courses, in co-operation with companies and public sector.


Code Planet is a joint pathway initiative of three parties on building a study program for coding and game development. Viope has the overall responsibility for defining and executing the program.


Valmennuskeskus uses Viope’s digital learning platform and innovational AI toolset for mathematics, physics and chemistry.

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We provide a wide offering of different educational solitons from single courses to broad training programs. Please find below more information on our solutions. We always tailor our solutions to match your needs!

Planning and managing educational projects is our core competence. We execute courses and educational programs from the first phases of plannig to final assessment of results. If needed we will also take care of recruting and training the teachers, following the progress of students and overall scheduling. Our turnkey solution enables you to track the progress of students easily and efficiently. We can provide e.g. the following educational projects:

  • pathway and platform year programs
  • professional further studies
  • vocational studies
    • e.g. game development, coding, mathematical subjects

We design the training and other services according to the needs of working life. We aim to create direct connections between our students and employers. Valmennuskeskus Public is part of our Group, and a leading specialits in work related training and education. We use their expertise e.g. in

  • recruitment coaching
  • recruitments
  • career coaching

We have several ready-to-use courses, that consist of digital online learning materials and exercises. We can also provide teacher for our courses. Courses are available e.g. in these topics

  • coding, programming
  • game development
  • mathematics
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • skill level tests

We can produce additional materials in any subject based on customers' needs.

We have teachers and experts from many areas; please see our staff here.

We can take care of several different tasks from tutor to project manager.

Using Viope's learning platform frees up teacher's time for working with students and planning lessons. The platform is also an excellent tool for distant learning. The platform has these main features:

  • AI based exercise and test engine for

    • mathematics
    • coding / programming (9 most common coding languages)

      The AI tool scores students tests and exercises automatically and let's the teacher also review the steps that the student has taken in finding the answers. For the student the tool indicates those parts where mistakes have been made, thus creating a motivational way to correct mistakes.

  • video conferencing tool
  • communication tools
    • collaboration space and tools
    • exercise based communication space
    • one on one -messages
  • editor for digital content
    • test exercise
    • text, pictures and video, myös also embedded
  • student evaluation and progress tracking tools
  • different roles for teachers, tutors and students